SFC Riga presents: Celebrating 70 years of Ferrari

Club presentation at Viesistaba

On March 16th, the Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga hosted its first official club event, celebrating more than one special occasion – the Ferrari 70th anniversary, an exclusive Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga club presentation, and, last but not least, the approaching new F1 season.

The event gathered local Ferrari enthusiasts, including the Italian ambassador, and featured noteworthy speakers from Italy – our club’s president Valerio Palmigiano, the president of Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Centro Fausto Amendolagine, and the partner and executive of Ferrari Club Italia (previously Ferrari Owner's Club of Rome) Alessandro Bolzan Mariotti Posocco. The evening was filmed by local press and captured by a photographer.

Fausto Amendolagine, also the winner of multiple Ferrari amateur races, introduced us to the history of Scuderia Ferrari Club and the privileges of being a club member. We were thrilled to learn that the Red Passion unites people from all around the world (more than 150 clubs in 14 countries, to be exact), and is growing.

Alessandro Bolzan Mariotti Posocco, a Cavaliere del Lavoro della Repubblica Italiana and a true Ferrari enthusiast, shared with us the exciting history of the Prancing Horse – the birth of the logo, the evolution of the car that we now know as the Red Dream, the success of the F1 Red Team, and the luxury lifestyle that Ferrari embodies nowadays.

After the presentation, the guests had the unique opportunity to share the Ferrari Passion in a conversation with the visitors over a glass of prosecco and beautifully served appetizers.

We are honoured to have had such exceptional guest speakers to kick off an eventful year for our Club. Follow our calendar or Facebook page for the upcoming events.

Forza Ferrari!


Jan 18, 2017