Gilles Villeneuve and his Ferrari with exploded tyre, 1979

 Gilles Villeneuve, Zandvoort 1979

Gilles Villeneuve’s rear tyre explodes on the 51st lap and he spins off the track, nearly losing the Ferrari formula. After a moment of assessing the damage, he resumes driving! This is hardly believable – he is determined to get to the pits that are nearly a full lap away!

One wonders if he is an ultimate competitor not wanting to give up or if this is an irresponsible, emotional decision. His rear suspension, having lost the second rear tyre by now, is dragging on the ground like a broken limb, casting sparks and clouds of burning rubber smoke. How incredibly difficult it must be to control the car!

As he safely made it to the pits, the suspension was too badly damaged for him to continue the race. Nonetheless, his teammates cheer him up. Yet again Gilles Villeneuve marks a page in the history of Formula One as having driven one of the wildest laps. Lets not forget Legendary duel between Gilles and Renè in the same year.

Dec 28, 2015