Ferrari first champion in 21 years – Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher was born to be a racer. He loved playing on a pedal kart as early as the age of four, and he won his first kart championship at the age of six. Just 21 years old, in 1990 he won the German F3 championship and was hired by Mercedes to drive sportscars. Already in 1991 Schumacher made a stunning Formula One debut. In 1995 Schumacher moved to Ferrari; in 2000 he won Ferrari’s first champion in 21 years.

Since the Formula One World Driver’s championship began in 1950, Juan Manuel Fangio held the record of five titles for five decades; but then came Michael Schumacher, winning the World Driver’s champion’s title for five years in succession, and taking seven championship titles in total. Year 2000 marked the beginning of unseen success to Schumi, as his Ferrari family had lovingly nicknamed him; year 2000 also made Ferrari a force yet again to be reckoned with.

Oct 13, 2015