Ferrari between myth and sport

Engineer Alessandro Bolzan Mariotti Posocco, member of Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Centro, our most important partner in development projects of our club and a personal friend, had a hunch of combining Ferrari, through Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Centro, with the engineering college of a university.

Nothing more direct and natural can be imagined. Ferrari admirably meets the objectives of engineering discipline, being the result of the application of discoveries and results of mathematical, physical and natural sciences. A real theory of technology, engineering is the discipline behind the design, realisation and management of Ferrari cars.

The “Commissione Tematica Motorismo”, established within the Order of Engineers of Rome, in collaboration with Scuderia Ferrari Club, Ferrari Driver Academy and Engineering Department of “Università degli Studi Roma Tre”, has proposed a technical workshop on the subject “Ferrari between myth and sport”. The event, involving in addition to SFC members, the ones of the Order of Engineers of the province of Rome and students of “Università degli Studi Roma Tre”, is intended to highlight fundamental stages of the prestigious automotive brand and to explain its main sports activities.

Between the rapporteurs Mr. Massimo Rivola, President of Scuderia Ferrari Club and Head of Ferrari Driver Academy, the sports programme entrusted with training of Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Mr. Mauro Apicella Head of Scuderia Ferrari Club and Antonio Fuoco, a high-level member of Ferrari Driver Academy.

In the Great Hall, packed in all its 200 seats, the university president introduced the event by telling an anecdote about his agro-tourism stay in Puglia (Italy), a place where each activity was done according to the times of the ancient and rural world, which is very, very slowly. A praise to the slowness in all its declensions. One morning, pausing to reflect in this heart-breaking scenario, he met the owner of the farm who said his name was Cesare Fiorio, former sporting director of Ferrari.

Ferrari is equilibrium, which is the basis of every performance, not only on wheels. Participants asked the rapporteurs a lot of questions whose technical level showed their preparation and passion for the brand of the Prancing Horse. It was followed by a report by Mauro Apicella on Scuderia Ferrari Club, with its booming numbers, and of Fausto Amendolagine, president of Scuderia Ferrari Club Roma Centro.

The day was concluded by Mr. Bolzan Mariotti Posocco, with a long, technical and glamorous presentation of the history of Ferrari and its founder. Days like this are the ultimate goal of Ferrari clubs. The spreading of passion cannot not start from universities and engineering students, the first ones to be able to appreciate the unique technical magic of the red cars.

Apr 06, 2018