Ferrari 312B – the watershed between the old and new F1

The 312B is the result of Forghieri’s genius who, at the time, did something that couldn’t be done, something above average. Especially in the engine, born to be placed in the wing of a plane and for that reason so flat, this car was greater than its time.

It was an epoch-making breakthrough in the path of Ferrari and Formula One. That decision was taken by Forghieri and shared by Enzo Ferrari, the one to begin an entirely new cycle. About the engine, which was spinning at 12.000 revolutions per minute compared to the 9.000 of its competitors, even with today’s technology little would be accomplished to improve it.

With this car begins the new F1 and comes to the end the cycle of the previous one. This complex and articulate transition, with its many facets and anecdotes, together with an historic journey on the origin and development of the automobile industry and the motorsport, are described in a long interview with Mauro Coppini, journalist and motoring enthusiast, which we enclose to this article.

Two hours of pure passion, fun facts, pictures of a world in the past. An exquisite and complete fresco of rare technical content. It just gives you goose bumps.

Apr 10, 2018