Davide Cironi – the passion beyond the obstacle

Davide Cironi – the passion beyond the obstacle. Loving cars, the golden age of motorsport, fast driving. In love with fast cars but truly loving only one, the F40 Ferrari by engineer Materazzi. Mechanical, engineering-oriented, with driving and writer skills combined. That’s why his road tests are different from all the others.

He perceives, understands, processes, tastes, and then manages to transfer, with a refined, as well as a sober, easy-going and funny approach; all the varied driving feeling, like not even a professional test driver could. Cars talk to him directly as well as he does with those who follow him and his nice videos. He made us go through a wonderful era otherwise possibly forgotten. For that we have chosen him as a Ferrari’s test driver. We never met but we perhaps talk the same language.

Davide Cironi is an Italian motoring journalist, with an infinite passion for driving cars. And for the howling engine sound. His website and YouTube channel are focused on presenting his driving experience in a unique way, and, even though he is young, he has built quite a reputation among gearheads in Italy and all over the world. His personal style always feels honest and unbiased on his video reviews, and he allows his audience to feel like they are taking part in his experience.

When he first started, Italy had not the kind of motoring journalism it deserved; he started something new. He has driven plenty of cars but not his dream one, the F40: “I refused three times already to drive her, because I didn’t find yet the one. I need to drive her without obstacles and on the right road.”

He has his own private Nurburgring in Abruzzo, central Italy, where he does his tests. And possibly a good girl waiting uphill to make him run faster… As time passes by, cars become safer, faster, more practical and more capable in almost every possible way. Some people complain that they are becoming more generic, with less character, making them feel disconnected from the driver.

Putting aside our nostalgic emotions about the 80s and the 90s, Davide believes that “it is sadly true, yes. Today only race cars are sincere. Normal cars were similar to actual racers, most dangerous and intriguing. Nowadays if you wanna feel some real thrill of driving you have to go with supercars, and still… Not the same stuff as 20 years ago. But hey, we are lucky we’re are still in an internal combustion engine era and we can also buy great cars for a small amount of money.”

Having watched most of his videos, we can see that he gives a lot of credit to those who design, build and tune the cars that he drives. In most cases, hot hatches are built for people who enjoy driving by people who love their work and feel proud of their creations.

This is like injecting character into a practical and affordable every-day car. He agrees with that, after driving all those iconic hot hatchbacks, people behind cars make their soul. This is what I mean when I talk about a car with a soul. It is not only metal.”

Dec 04, 2017