Davide Cironi – the passion beyond the obstacle

Davide Cironi, the passion beyond the obstacle. Passionate about cars, about the golden age of motorsport, about fast driving. In love with fast cars but with only one in his heart, the F40 Ferrari by engineer Materazzi. Mechanical, encompassing engineering, driving and writer skills together. That’s why his road tests are different from all the others.

He perceives, understands, processes, tastes, and then manages to transfer, with a refined speaking clearly, as well as a sober, easy-going and funny approach, all the varied driving feeling, like not even a professional test driver could. Cars talk to him directly as well as he does with those who follow him and his videos. He made us go through a wonderful era that otherwise would be possibly forgotten. For that we have chosen him as a Ferrari test driver. We never met but we may talk the same language.

Dec 04, 2017