Famous quotes: with Passion for Ferrari

There are only two things a man won’t admit he can’t do: driving and making love.

Stirling Moss


If you feel the car perfectly under control, it means you are not driving fast enough.

Colin McRae


If you search for the limit, in the meantime you have to go over it.

Gilles Villeneuve


Monza ‘58? Very good race. No one died.

Juan Manuel Fangio


On racing in Montecarlo: Absurd, like riding a bicycle in the living room.

Nelson Piquet


I feel more comfortable as the power increases.

Ayrton Senna


In the area of fear, you experience more in 7 minutes at Nurburgring than most people in their whole life.

Jackie Stewart


I prefer to have my right foot than a nice face.

Niki Lauda


To hell safety. All I want now is racing.

James Hunt to Niki Lauda, Mosport 1976


We should approach the turns shifting to a lower gear than the one we use now and put the car crosswise. People are still in love with how Ronnie Peterson was driving his Lotus 72 and I understand them, I agree with them. This is the kind of entertainment I want to give the crowd: smoking tires!

Gilles Villeneuve


The best thing a dressed man can do is driving crosswise.

Miki Biasion


Partly because I still have time ahead of me, I am sure one day I’ll drive a red Ferrari, it’s one of my dreams.

Ayrton Senna


The perfect race car is the one that breaks a moment after the finish line.

Enzo Ferrari


The second is the first of the losers.

Enzo Ferrari


There are no turns where it is not possible to overtake.

Ayrton Senna


For drivers, driving is living; all they do before or after is simply waiting.

Steve McQueen, Le Mans 1971


I am driving my Ferrari to just circle the building, I only need to listen to the engine music.

Herbert Von Karajan


On Ronnie Peterson’s death: It happens, this is also racing.

Mario Andretti


Sex: breakfast of champions.

James Hunt

Dec 28, 2016