Club mission

As a Ferrari fan since I was a child, I have always had it clear in my mind of what were the unique elements of Ferrari as a sports cars manufacturer and a Formula One racing team. All the pieces, clear in the mosaic of my passion. Multiple nuances of my extensive experience as an enthusiast, born and bred in Italy for over fifty years, have shaped into some sort of database, floating in my head. Frames of Formula 1 of the old times, of the heroes of speed and cars with which they triumphed and died in - a cocktail of pure charm. The store windows with new models of road-going Ferraris, admired when I was a kid. Even now it makes me smile.

As the president of a Ferrari club, my goal is to share the whole set of information with Ferrari fans and owners, wherever they may be located. The club’s website is playing this role by being the encyclopaedia of the Red Passion. Articles and videos are there to spread the dream.

But this is not enough, as the Ferrari world has to be also lived on the field. In this regard, the official clubs provide a wide range of exclusive services regarding the Reds and a calendar of events - club events and Ferrari events alike -, fit for attracting and making happy fans all over the world.

Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga, in collaboration with its partners, has plenty of offers linked to events available to the club’s members and interested fans. These offers are initially available in a few countries, and, subsequently, wherever Formula One Grand Prix will be taking place. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you and to let you in our world of Ferrari passion!

Valerio Palmigiano
President of the Club


Dec 15, 2016