Michael, our thoughts are with you

Michael Schumacher

For a Ferrari supporter and a Formula 1 fan there is only Michael Schumacher. Nothing else exists.

There is nothing before, and there will be nothing afterwards - Michael Schumacher has stopped time.

He has to be kept on the highest shelf, the one that has space for only one other – Aryton Senna. The two have defined everything, and not only in the world of racing. They speak the same language – a language that nobody else on the planet understands.

Michael Schumacher is the epitome for a Ferrari supporter, he is more than ‘just’ a driver; he is a hope, a certainty. If Schumacher drives, the Ferrari wins; a concept made simple only by him. With Schumacher winning was simple. The entire team loved him, he was a God, a superhuman, but when it was Grand Prix time – he was the winner.

Great Michael, marvellous! How many moments of joy you gave us, how unbeatable you were, how tenacious! If Schumacher was on the track, there was nothing left for anybody else.

For us you are dressed in Red forever. Closing our eyes, we see only you behind the wheel of a Ferrari. Only you have really driven her, and you are the only one she has really given herself to.

The Ferrari is Schumacher’s, and nobody else’s.

For years of past and forever on – Ferrari is red and is driven by Michael Schumacher.


Valerio Palmigiano,

The President of the Club.

Aug 03, 2015